Constitution Unit Part III

Constitution Part III covers the principles of checks and balances, popular sovereignty, and individual rights. Under popular sovereignty, we will cover the election process and all of the voting rights amendments. Under individual rights, we will cover the Bill of Rights. Please review the Constitution Unit Guide for lessons for this unit. This unit covers six lessons, one review, one project, and one assessment. Below is a list of the lessons and assignments, study guides associated with this section.

Day 17- Checks and Balances, Amendment 22 & 27
Day 18- Popular Sovereignty- The Election Process/Electoral College
Day 19- Popular Sovereignty-Amendment 12, 15, 17, 19
Day 20- Popular Sovereignty-Amendment 20, 23, 26
Day 21- Individual Rights- Bill of Rights
Day 22- Individual Rights- Bill of Rights continued/ Bill of Rights Gone Wrong Project
Day 23- REVIEW

Here are the extra readings in the We The People Book in PDF format. Open in iBooks.

We The People Lesson 5- Preventing Abuse of Power

Here are printable assignments we will be using in class:

Checks and Balances Organizer p.doc



Here are power points used in class that you can use to help you study:

Bill of Rights Power Point.ppt

Voting Rights Amendments Power Point.ppt

Checks and Balances Key Power Point .ppt