Constitution Unit Part II

Constitution Part II covers the principle of separation of powers. We will study the qualifications of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of government and also learn about their responsibilities.Please review the Constitution Unit Guide for lessons for this unit. This unit covers six lessons, one review, and one assessment. Below is a list of the lessons and assignments, study guides associated with this section.

Day 9- Separation of Powers- Qualifications for Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches.
Day 10- Expressed Powers/Implied Powers/Denied Powers of Congress and Impeachment Process
Day 11- How a Bill Becomes a Law
Day 12- Functions of the White House and Cabinet
Day 13- Supreme Court and Judicial Review
Day 14- Landmark Supreme Court Cases
Day 15- REVIEW

Here are the extra readings in the We The People Book in PDF format. Open in iBooks.

  • We The People Lesson 15- Legislative Branch
  • We The People Lesson 16- Executive Branch
  • We The People Lesson 16- Judicial Branch

Here are printable assignments we will be using in class:

Federal Office Holder Graphic Organizer.doc

The Cabinet.doc

Supreme Court Justices.doc