Constitution Part I

Constitution Part I is the Introduction to teaching the Constitution, a review of the Declaration of Independence, a discussion on european influences to the Constitution, and covers the principles of republicanism, limited government, and federalism. Please review the Constitution Unit Guide for lessons for this unit. This unit covers six lessons, one review, one project, and one assessment. Below is a list of the lessons and assignments, study guides associated with this section.

Day 1- Introduction, Pre-Assessment, and KWL
Day 2- European Influences
Day 3- Seven Principles of Constitution and Project
Day 4- Republicanism - Articles of Confederation
Day 5-Limited Government-Virginia and New Jersey Plan
Day 6-Federalism- Federal/State/Local Powers

Here are the extra readings in the We The People Book in PDF format. Open in iBooks.

We The People Lesson 11- Articles of Confederation

Here are printable assignments we will be using in class:

Constitution KWL.doc

Key Concepts to the Constitution Graphic Organizer.doc

European Influences on our Constitution Organizer.doc

Seven Principles of the Constitution Project Rubric.doc

Constitution Study Guide Part I.docx

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